Steri-7 Xtra Concentrate Disinfectant Cleaner 

with Reactive Barrier Technology 
Steri-7 Xtra High Level Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate with Reactive Barrier Technology is formulated to be diluted in buckets for high volume, heavy-duty cleaning. It can also be used either in a pressure washer or knapsack sprayer. 
It is the most economical way to purchase as it dilutes 1:10 for high level cleaning or 1:50 for general cleaning. Once made up, the solution will last for up to 3 years. It is available in 1 Litre, 5 Litre and 20 Litre bottles, lemon or unscented. 
This High Level Disinfectant Concentrate is ideal for high level cleaning or for general cleaning. 
Steri-7 Xtra Concentrate Disinfectant has been successfully tested by a number of industry reconised laboratories including NHS, DEFRA & CEFAS. 
Kills 99.9999% of all pathogens present 
Applies a Reactive Barrier Technology lasting up to 3 days after application 
Continues to protect between cleans 
Ideal for use in all sectors 
pH neutral 
100% Organic 
Available in unscented or lemon 
Available in 1 litre, 5 litre or 20 litre bottles 
Approved by the NHS, DEFRA & CEFAS 
Price available on application.  

Steri-7 RTU High Level Surface Disinfectant Cleaner 

with Reactive Barrier Technology 
Steri-7 RTU High Level Surface Cleaner is a broad spectrum cleaner with a 99.9999% kill rate and incorporates a Reactive Barrier Technology. This Reactive Barrier Technology will continue to work for up to 3 days after the cleaning process as long as the application is left to dry. Drying the surface turns the Reactive Barrier off. 
99.9999% kill rate 
Fast acting - 45 second kill 
Reactive Barrier Technology 
pH neutral 
Economical to use 
Available in unscented or lemon 
Approved by DEFRA and NHS. 
Price available on application. Dispensing items available on request.  


HygenaGel are eco-friendly, super-absorbant granules. These granules are the perfect product to use on spillages of blood, urine, vomit or any aqueous substance. Simply sprinkle the granules on the liquid and watch it solidify into a safe enert gel, which can be disposed of safely in a sluice, toilet or clinical waste bag. 
HygenaGel is widely used in the healthcare sector from solidifying liquids in bedpans to being sprinkled in clinical waste bags to prevent accidental leakages of contaminated fluids. 
It is perfect for use in ambulances, hospital wards, theatres, washrooms, mortuaries, funeral homes, care homes, veterinary surgeries and more. 
Safe to use and dispose of 
Absorbs unwanted liquids or spills 
Creates a manageable insert gel in under 60 seconds 
Can be disposed of in toilets, sluice or clinical waste bags 
Convenient and low cost 
250g bottle 
Price available on application. Dispensing items available on request.  

Aqueos Deep Clean Disinfectant & Sanitising Fogger 

This disinfectant and sanitising fogger kills bacteria, viruses and fungi and is manufactured to British Standards EN14476, EN1276 and EN1650. 
It is simple to activate the aerosol can. The propellant inside the aerosol emits a fine mist of the powerful disinfectant and sanitiser which quickly provides full coverage to all surfaces including hard to reach places. Leave for 20 minutes and ventilate if necessary. The mist protects all door handles and light switches and continues to work after application. Once the aerosol has been activated it cannot be stopped. 
The area is left with a clean pine smell without any sticky residue or staining. 
Suitable for use in any enclosed area such as equine transport, equine premises, vet practices. grooming salons, kennels and catteries. 
Kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi 
Eliminates odours 
For use in enclosed areas 
Carries on working after application 
Provides full coverage including hard to reach areas 
Leaves no sticky residue or staining 
Covers approximately 100m³ (e.g. 11 x 3 x 3 metres) 
Pleasant pine scent 
Available in 200ml 
Price available on application. Dispensing items available on request.  
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