Client Feedback 

Client Feedback 

Take a look at some of our client testimonials. 
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Healthcare & Care Home Feedback 

VS - General Manager 
"Firstly, thank you so much for your rapid response to our need to solve the recent Norovirus problem in our care home. 
We are delighted to tell you that by using your system the problem was contained and resolved in less than 36 hours! |am sure you understand how important that was in relieving pressure on our staff, residents and visitors. 
The fact that the machine is light, portable, easy to operate and with a low running cost, makes it a great addition in our fight against infection." 
Joni Caswell - Quality Manager, Breakspear Medical Group 
"Good hand hygiene is extremely important within a healthcare environment.  
Our clinic specialises in treating people with severe allergies and as such we have previously struggled to find a suitable hand sanitising product that would not result in reactions from our patients. 
We have had Steri-7 on trial for just over a month on our wards and are pleased to say that we have been successful with this product and have now implemented a wider use of it around our clinic." 
AJM - Head of Business 
"We write to congratulate you on the formulation of this product and thank you for the demonstration for use in our residential units. 
Since use commenced in our units and at the workstations we have found a decrease in sickness levels and a much better environment all around. The product has been extremely effective in the ongoing support of a healthy environment. 
This supports the Clinical Governance of Infection Control and was applauded by our Governing Body, CQC, during recent inspections." 
Emma Miller - Teignmouth House Care Home, Devon 
"Since we started using STERI-7 in our Care Home there has been a noticable drop in the number of stomach upsets suffered by our residents 
It's proving a real help in reducing cross contamination." 

Private Ambulance Feedback 

WB - Owner 
"Thank you for supplying us with your excellent Ambugard disinfection system for our fleet of ambulances. 
We have been using the equipment and disinfectant for a couple of months now and our head of hygiene is delighted with the results and the speed and ease of use. By using the AmbuGard in conjunction with the InfectionGard Solution we can deep clean quicker, to a higher level and then get the vehicles back on the road quicker. 
Our crews and patients also feel safer knowing that the risk of infection is 
minimised. It is so easy, safe and cost-effective to use, that I would have no hesitation recommending this system to anyone operating in the same sector. Thanks again!" 

Office & Retail Feedback 

Kate Houston - Apple Recruitment, Belfast 
"We purchased a large Ilimex Sterilisation unit for our open plan office and 3 ceiling units for various smaller, individual spaces within our building in November 2021. 
We have around 12 members of staff within our office and a high footfall from the general public for registration / application process. 
Since the units have been installed, there have been no cases of Covid in the office which is fantastic news! Staff absenteeism has been greatly reduced which has in turn led to an increase in productivity." 

Agricultural Feedback 

CH - Gamekeeper with 30 Years experience 
"Prior to using your system for the first time in April this year, we were experiencing a higher than acceptable loss of stock due to bacterial infection. 
However, by fogging the sheds prior to housing the birds and following your advice on some other sensible practises I am pleased to say we suffered minimal loss of birds in the treated sheds. In contrast, in the sheds we had not yet treated, the stock loss was consistent with previous years. 
We had to use no medication during rearing resulting in significant savings. We are committed to using your system and biocide in every shed from now on." 
P.D. Crew Hill Holsteins, Shropshire/Powys Border 
“A farmyard is not the cleanest of places to work. Mud gets trailed in from the fields, there's slurry, cowpats, you name it, it's everywhere. So trying to keep the bacteria levels manageable is quite a task. To say the least. My Holsteins need a lot of TLC to stay hale and healthy and I've been looking for something to seriously help in this regard. 
I was introduced to STERI 7 XTRA Agri and saw an immediate effect on lowering clinical cases of mastitis in my loose-housed system. Since then, cases have remained at 60% less than during ‘normal’ winters. 
The STERI-7 XTRA Agri is quick and easy to apply with a knapsack sprayer, can be done whilst milking and milking has, once again, become enjoyable! I have applied STERI-7 XTRA Agri once a day, every other day and more recently twice a day after the snow at the end of March. 
With my system, I reckon that over a year I've saved something like £15,000 on time spent in the parlour and the chemicals used for parlour hygiene, £5,000 on not having to clean the sheds out 6 times per winter and £5,000 on the 60% less clinical cases and the lowering of SCC. 
That's £25,000 straight back in my budget. I’m happy. Very happy.” 

GP Practice Feedback 

Practice Manager 
"This terrible pandemic has sensitised us in General Practice to our responsibility to curtail transmission, not just to Covid 19, but to other airborne viruses in our Clinical Spaces. We must protect our patients and our staff alike. 
Doubling down on Infection Control generally and with the Illimex ‘clean-air’ airflow we can offer the reassurance of a safely managed clinical environment for our most vulnerable patients whilst protecting the work space of our hard- working staff. 
I must say, this has been deeply appreciated both by staff and patients during heightened work-load pressures and Covid uncertainties." 
Practice Manager 
"The Ilimex units are installed in our clinical rooms, work stations and waiting area and provide Patients & Staff with additional protection especially as we enter a period with increased respiratory infections. 
At Kilrea we prioritise face to face patient care and the Ilimex technology has given us the confidence to do this” 
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