SystemSure Plus ATP Monitor 

The SystemSure Plus ATP Monitor is a state of the art electronic swabbing meter. Using specially formulated swabs, the meter detects and measures the level of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) present on the swab and converts it to a numerical value to give an instant indicator of the level of contamination present on the swabbed surface. 
It is designed for convenient, single-handed use to make testing of surface contamination levels simple, accurate and fast. Individual swabs are taken at test areas and then the swab is inserted into the monitor which provides a quantitive reading of contamination levels in just 15 seconds. By taking readings before and after using a sanitising system, you can validate the effectiveness of the process you are using. It's simple, independent and fast. 
The unit can be used to keep records of the results and can be connected to a PC or laptop using the software provided. This allows full records of the results to be recorded and retained to satisfy inspecting bodies. 
Results in 15 seconds 
Instant readable pass or fail 
200 user ID's to track staff performance 
USB cable 
USB connection to PC 
5000 programmable test locations 
Self calibrating 
Used extensively in healthcare and food sectors 
Uses AA batteries 
Size 190mm x 70mm 
Comes with a carry pouch 
Price available on application. 

SystemSure Plus UltraSnap Swabs 

The SystemSure Plus testing swabs are easy to use and reliable. They use a unique liquid-stable reagent providing superior accuracy, long lasting signal strength and more reproducible results. 
The swabs are easy to use and are reliable. Simply swab, snap and squeeze then place in the monitor. Results in just 15 seconds. 
Results in 15 seconds 
Self-contained, liquid stable reagent provides reliable results 
Pre-moistened swab bud enables maximum sample collection 
Environmentally conscious design uses less plastic 
100 swabs per package 
Tolerent to temperature abuse 
Price available on application. 
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