Why Steripura? 

Why Steripura? 

At Steripura our mission is to provide biosecurity products to empower everyone to make a cleaner and safer environment. 

Steripura Products Are: 

Eco Friendly 
Tested & Approved 

8 Reasons Why You Should Buy From Steripura 

We are an honest, friendly and professional team with good values and ethics, supplying quality products that are fit for purpose. 
Our disinfection and sanitising products have up to a 99.9999% (Log 6) pathogen present kill rate meaning they kill bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds and yeasts present in the air or on surfaces at the time of treatment. This includes Norovirus, E-Coli, Salmonella, Coronvirus, MRSA, Listeria, Legionella, Avian Flu, Parvovirus, Strangles, Ringworm, Equine Herpes and many more harmful and dangerous pathogens. 
Unlike many traditional cleaners or sanitisers, none of our products contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide. They are all non-toxic, non-corrosive, alcohol free, pH neutral, 100% organic, and environmentally friendly. 
Our range of biosecurity products have been laboratory tested, meet or exceed UK and EU standards and are approved by the NHS, DEFRA and CEFAS. Test reports are available on request. 
We supply quality disinfection and air sanitisation products that are cost-effective, easy and safe to use, which ultimately saves you time and money. 
Our products don't just sit on the shelves waiting for you to find them, we will pro-actively market them to you so that you don't miss out on the opportunity to use them! 
Using our products enables YOU to offer a USP to your customers: Tell them that because of the disinfection products you are using, your business premises are safe to visit, that the people in your care are in the cleanest and safest environment they can be in, that the animals that you are looking after are receiving the best possible care and attention. 
Nobody likes to be ill, right? Imagine if you had been using our products during the recent pandemic, wouldn't they have saved you a massive amount of heartache, cost and time? 

99.9% seems pretty effective, but is it really? 

The log kill rate is effectively is the efficacy of the product. This term comes from the logarithmic scale which is used to indicate a percentage kill rate. With every step, the number of pathogens present is reduced by 90%. 
Log 1 reduction (90%) would bring this level down by 90% leaving 100,000 bacteria 
Log 2 reduction (99%) would reduce this by 99% leaving 10,000 bacteria 
Log 3 reduction (99.9%) would reduce this by 99.9% leaving 1,000 bacteria 
Log 4 reduction (99.99%) would reduce this by 99.99% leaving 100 bacteria 
Log 5 reduction (99.999%) would reduce this by 99.999% leaving 10 bacteria 
Log 6 reduction (99.9999%) would reduce this by 99.9999% leaving 1 bacterium 


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