Q: What does Reactive Barrier Technology mean? 
A: Reactive Barrier Technology is a specialised micro emulsion which can be either 'switched on or off'. It's very simple - if you rinse off a Steri-7 product after application or dry the surface, you remove the Reactive Barrier Treatment. By leaving the surface to dry naturally you enable the Reactive Barrier Technology providing extra biosecurity and protection between cleans. When 'switched on' any pathogens arriving on the surface between cleans will be killed. 
Q: Are these products approved by the NHS? 
A: Yes. All Steri-7 products are and the NHS has been using the InfectionGard range of products in ambulances and Covid test centres. 
Q: Are these products DEFRA approved? 
A: All Steri-7 products are approved by DEFRA (General Orders), CEFAS and The Irish Equine Centre. Aqueos products are approved by DEFRA (General Orders) 
Q: What does 99.9999% (log6) kill rate mean? 
A: The log kill rate is effectively is the efficacy of the product. This term comes from the logarithmic scale which is used to indicate a percentage kill rate. With every step, the number of pathogens present is reduced by 90%. 
Log 1 reduction (90%) would bring this level down by 90% leaving 100,000 bacteria 
Log 2 reduction (99%) would reduce this by 99% leaving 10,000 bacteria 
Log 3 reduction (99.9%) would reduce this by 99.9% leaving 1,000 bacteria 
Log 4 reduction (99.99%) would reduce this by 99.99% leaving 100 bacteria 
Log 5 reduction (99.999%) would reduce this by 99.999% leaving 10 bacteria 
Log 6 reduction (99.9999%) would reduce this by 99.9999% leaving 1 bacterium 
Q: What is ATP? 
A: ATP in simple terms is Adenosine Triphosphate which is an energy carrying molecule found in the cells of all animals, plants, bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds. 
Q: What are the benefits of Dry Misting? 
A: Dry Misting with 3-8 micron size particles means that the sanitiser lingers longer in the air killing more pathogens. It also reaches areas that are difficult or impossible to reach with other methods. 
Q: What do the biocides kill? 
A: All our products are broad spectrum. This means that they kill all known airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, spores, yeasts and moulds. This includes Coronviruses, Norovirus, E-Coli, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, Avian Flu and more. 
Our products will also kill bacteria and viruses affecting animals e.g. Ringworm, Herpes, Parvovirus, Streptococcus(strangles) and Aspergillus Niger. 
Q: Are these sanitisers as effective as bleach? 
A: Yes. All our products are more effective than bleaches like Domestos and Dettol. The InfectionGard range of products have been proven to be 1000 times more effective. 
Q: Do these products work in hard water? 
A: Hard water usually affects the efficacy of a disinfectant, but Steri-7 Concentrate Disinfectant is just as effective in hard or soft water. 
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